NewTechKids has taught tech education and computer science classes for more than nine years and we’ve taught kids from all types of backgrounds with differing exposure to tech.

Based on our observations, there are some key factors which increase the likelihood that kids will take an interest in tech beyond just using it and actually want to invent, create, make, experiment and prototype with it. These factors considerably increase the likelihood that they will choose tech-related study, training and careers in the future.

Here’s what we’ve observed:

  1. Kids who play with toys which expose them to building, inventing, tinkering and making such as LEGO, model kits, scientific experiments and the like.
  2. Kids who have access to technology at home, including tablets, phones, computers, game consoles, digital assistants, etc.
  3. Kids who tinker with technology. Activities include taking apart and building computers, robotics and programming, inventing with mini-computers like Micro:bit and Arduino and others.
  4. Kids who take technology classes (programming, robotics, digital literacy, computer science) in primary and/or high school.
  5. Kids who have role models working in tech: parents, extended family, family friends, people in their communities.

Of course, there are always exceptions. But early exposure to technology and technology education learning experiences play a key role in mindset, curiosity and motivation.

So we challenge parents, caregivers and teachers to act on these observations to prepare children for a future of rapid and constant technological innovation.