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It’s that time of the year again.

NewTechKids has opened registration for its Summer 2022 bootcamps which will take place at the Amsterdam Public Library near Centraal Station.

We’ll be teaching six, weekly bootcamps during which kids ages 8-12 will discover computer science, coding, robotics and design while discussing inspiring examples of technology. The bootcamps will take place from July 18 – August 26, 2022.

Our bootcamps are designed to give kids a taste of the technology development process and they will work in pairs to design, build and code robots and technology prototypes based on daily class challenges.

Kids will dive into building and visual programming using LEGO Mindstorms and art supplies. They’ll learn about design concepts (resources, requirements, testing, iteration, best practices) and computer science concepts (coding, algorithms, commands, loops, sequence, iteration, if-else logic, etc.).

The camps are bilingual (Dutch and English) and will be taught by a native Dutch-speaking professional teacher with specialized training in computer science. The curriculum and workshops are based on NewTechKids’ pedagogy which focuses on concept-context learning and the use of tangible learning tools.

Our camp is ideal for children with no previous exposure to design and computer science and those who have previously participated in NewTechKids programs. We have taken great care to design our lessons to reflect the interests of both girls and boys and to take into account the different ways in which they learn.

Please note: a limited number of heavily-subsidized spots are available for kids from low-income families with a Staspas.