Many kids dream of becoming a famous tech innovator. But how does this happen?

PreparationTech, one of our strategic partners which showcases study, training and career paths which involve technology, has published a video interview with Dr. Sam Mazin, an entrepreneur who has invented game-changing technology to fight cancer. During the video interview, he explains the technology he developed which combines seeing and treating cancer and outlines the steps he took to get to Silicon Valley:

  • being a kid who loved math and science
  • completing a computer engineering degree at a Canadian university which offers a unique co-op program which combines study and work terms
  • completing advanced degrees at Stanford Univerity
  • working with a talented team of engineers, computer scientists and healthcare experts

An inspiring interview to watch and discuss with high school students, especially those interested in biology, healthcare, computing and helping millions of people around the world.

Watch the interview here.

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