NewTechKids is pleased to announce that we will be working closely with a bilingual Dutch primary school in Utrecht to integrate computational thinking, computer science and technological literacy into its school curriculum.

NewTechKids will teach a 10-week program for students ages five and six at KSU Onder de Bogen, a new school in Utrecht which offers instruction in both Dutch and English. Our program will run from April until June 2017, with weekly lessons.

Students will be introduced to computational thinking and digital literacy. They’ll discover computer science concepts such as automation, programming, commands and design through crafts, games, and physical activity.

They will also learn about design processes by making tangible objects. During each class, they will participate in discussions about the technology in their everyday lives.

Ralph Borghart, KSU Onder de Bogen’s Principal, says, “Twenty-first century skills development is one of our teaching priorities. We chose to work with NewTechKids because we are committed to introducing our youngest students to computational thinking as well as challenge-based, teamwork-focused learning experiences.”