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NewTechKids is a technology education academy in Amsterdam dedicated to igniting the problem-solving capabilities and innovative spirit of children. Our programs, taught in Dutch and English, teach primary school children computational thinking and the fundamental concepts which power technology, programming and information in the digital age. Gadgets, applications, software and hardware change continuously, the core concepts don’t. Our staff of computer science teachers and innovation specialists guide kids in acquiring knowledge and skills related to designing, programming, testing and creating stuff that matters to them. The future belongs to NewTechKids. Watch out, Silicon Valley. We’re coming for you!    



2018 Summer School Program #3: 7-12 years (5 daily workshops)Aug. 6-10, 2018

    During this bootcamp of 5 daily workshops, kids ages 7-12 kids will become technologists who criss cross the globe to design, build and program technology prototypes to survive conditions in different countries. Ozobots, littleBits and LEGO Mindstorms. 10:00 – 13:00. Location: Room 5.1, OBA Centraal.

2018 Summer School Program #6: 7-12 years (5 daily workshops)Aug. 27-31, 2018

    During this bootcamp of 5 daily workshops, kids ages 7-12 will become technologists who design, build and program technology prototypes for a variety of sports. Ozobots, littleBits and LEGO Mindstorms. 10:00 – 13:00. Location: Room 5.1, OBA Centraal.

Fall 2018 CS Program: 7-12 years (Tuesdays)September - December 2018

    During this program of 13 weekly workshops, kids ages 7-12 will learn about computer science in the context of systems thinking and technology systems. Art and craft activities, Ozobots, and LEGO Mindstorms. 16:15 – 17:45. Location: Computer Lab, het Claverhuis, Amsterdam.
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Fall 2018 Enrichment Program: 7-12 years (Wednesdays)September - December 2018

    During this enrichment program of 12 weekly workshops, kids ages 7-12 will spend a longer time learning about computer science in the context of 21st century skills and knowledge. Case studies, class discussions, design, prototyping with Ozobots and LEGO Mindstorms. 14:45 – 17:15. Location: Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam near Amsterdam Centraal Station.
  • I don’t like robots and I hate programming. (But she created awesome code for her robot)

  • Children asked me questions using terms they learned like ‘command’, ‘testing’ and ‘automation’

  • Niki explained the robot programming lesson to us during supper. Wish I was there

  • I tested my program until I got it right. The best part was getting to hold the green slime at the end

  • I…Am…A…Robot. (Spoken in a robot voice doing epic robot breakdance moves. Move over, Will.i.am!)

  • Amazing to see how fast kids learn basic programming. They created simple programs in 20 minutes


About Us

We care so much about 21st century education that we are playing an active role in shaping it.

NewTechKids is a leader in teaching computational thinking skills to primary school-aged children via computer science and tech literacy programs taught during school classes and as after-school activities.

We also organize teacher training programs because teachers and schools play an integral role in ensuring that all students have a solid foundation to understand technology and the thinking and problem-solving behind it.

Our main goals are to help transform children from passive technology users into passionate inventors and prepare them to become future innovators and entrepreneurs.

NewTechKids programs won’t turn children into master coders or give them specific technical skills. Our pedagogy, curriculum and lesson plans provide kids with a strong foundation to understand technology: how it works, why it works and how to think in order to invent new solutions. Computer science education is an excellent way to help kids acquire 21st century skills: critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, communication and creativity.

Most of our classes are taught in a combination of English and Dutch. Technology and computer science vocabulary is primarily in English and our programs help children learn English if it is not their native language.

NewTechKids is a member of the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), an industry organization with more than 25,000 members from more than 154 countries which supports and promotes the teaching of computer science from kindergarten to grade 12. We serve as part of CSTA’s 12-person International Committee, contributing to the Association’s strategies around international membership growth, diversity issues and information exchange.


We combine four magical ingredients in our programs. Computational thinking skills help children master the thought process needed to develop solutions which can be carried out by computers in partnership with humans. Computer science education helps children understand the core concepts which apply to all forms of technology. Our curriculum covers algorithmic thinking, programming, systems thinking, and design. Technological literacy helps children understand the technology present in the world around them in order to make conscious decisions. Innovation processes help children transform what they learn into their own inventions. During our programs, kids become comfortable with prototyping, designing, testing and iteration, all important aspects of the innovation process.

As a company founded by two women, NewTechKids is dedicated to increasing the participation of girls and low-income youth in computer science education. We’re developing strategies which help girls and low-income youth learn and excel in mixed-gender classrooms which are the norm in primary and high school. Boys, girls and children from different backgrounds benefit from working and learning together.


We teach children to understand concepts such as systems thinking, resources, requirements, programming, automation and design. During our programs, children learn core concepts individually and in connection with each other.


We design our classes so that children collaborate. In teams, children learn to explain their thinking, engage in problem-solving, develop interpersonal skills and practice giving and receiving constructive feedback.


We help children design, test and improve their inventions with feedback from peers and teachers. Our teaching tools range from no tech (pen and paper) to high tech (programmable robot kits).


All of our classes involve challenges which encourage children to turn abstract concepts into tangible solutions. Failure is celebrated (and even deliberately included) to help children learn the importance of grit, perseverance and problem-solving.




Entrepreneur, tech ed advocate and proactive parent. That's me.

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Technology teacher, curriculum developer and researcher. That’s me.

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Tech education professor passionate about teacher training. That's me.

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Computer science professor passionate about adaptive education. That's me.

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Branding/communications expert and initiator of The Better Awards. That's me.

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Dutch and international event programmer and curator. That's me.

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An illustrator and writer of children's programming books. That's me.

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