NewTechKids 21st Century Skills Club: Spring High

During this Club comprised of fifteen (15) weekly workshops, students at Spring High (a new school in Amsterdam New West launched in September 2016) will learn the basics of computer science and how to use the thinking and problem-solving models behind it.

Student members between the ages of 10-14 will receive three hours of computer science education per week. The Club will provide kids with a strong foundation to understand technology and fundamental computer science concepts and will cover computational thinking, algorithmic thinking, systems thinking, programming and technological literacy.

We’ll be offering new lessons which emphasize creativity and integrate computer science and arts/maker education. Kids will begin by learning about hardware, computers and systems thinking before making the link to software and programming. Pen and paper exercises, games, design and prototyping, and programming with LEGO Mindstorms and Arduino kits.

NewTechKids promotes bilingual education and our workshops will be taught in a combination of Dutch and English.

Registration: Closed (only available to Spring High students)