NewTechKids has partnered with Ijsterk, an after-school program provider, to offer programming and computer science classes to kids in Amsterdam Centre and East.

Through Ijsterk, NewTechKids is organizing a four-week, ‘Introduction to Programming and LEGO Mindstorms’ bootcamp in February. Starting in March, we will provide a 15-week ‘Introduction to Programming and Computer Science’ program with the mission of introducing kids to the fundamental concepts behind technology, computer science, programming and innovation.

The bootcamp and the longer program will also give primary school children in two age ranges (7 – 9 years and 10 – 12 years) practical experience with invention and programming processes through activities involving design, testing and prototyping. Kids will learn concepts such as programming (binary numbers, automation, algorithms, commands, feedback systems, variables, for loops) and systems thinking (computer hardware and software), among others.

Deborah Carter, Co-founder and Business Director at NewTechKids: “Working with after-school program providers such as Ijsterk is a great way to bring technology education to kids in Amsterdam, especially when most are not learning these things in school. We are happy and impressed that Ijsterk is so enthusiastic about offering new types of programs.”