‘Explore Computer Science’ Program: 10-12 years

How will programming languages look like in the future? There is no guarantee that today’s languages, such as Java, HTML and C++ will be used in a few years time. But the core concepts and the ways to solve problems behind every programming language will continue to apply.

During this bootcamp of 15 weekly workshops, kids aged 10-12 years  will learn the core concepts which power computer science and programming.  The bootcamp will be taught by NewTechKids and offered via Ijsterk, an after-school program organiser in Amsterdam.

Concepts covered will include input/output, parts working together, feedback, computational thinking, algorithms and sequences, data (numbers and Booleans), variables and collections, loops , event handling, design and testing, among others.

Kids will explore programming through a mix of pen and paper exercises,  games, building a DIY computer kit, programming LEGO Mindstorms robots and other activities.

Please note: register will be done via Ijsterk based on school districts.

Program Partner: Ijsterk
Location: Amsterdam
Dates: September – December 2015
Languages: English and Dutch