Dr. Marja-Ilona Koski, NewTechKids’ Lead Teacher and Head of Curriculum Development, will give a presentation at the upcoming ‘Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Education’ event in the Hague on June 14, 2018.

During her talk, Dr. Koski will discuss effective ways to introduce computer science, technological literacy and computational thinking to primary school students ages four to 12 using programming and robotics.

A Ph.D graduate of TU Delft, Dr. Koski co-founded NewTechKids, a computer science academy in Amsterdam focused on teaching computer science education programs to students ages four to 12 and training primary school teachers. She’ll share lessons learned and explore questions such as:

– How can we start preparing children to think like technologists, even if they don’t become computer scientists or programmers?

– What is appropriate pedagogy, teaching approaches and classroom management strategies to use when introducing computer science education in primary education?

– What are the best teaching approaches for introducing primary school students to programming and robotics?

– When and how can teachers introduce complex computer science topics such as AI in primary school?

Read more about the event. (Information in Dutch)

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